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Imagetrans Group - Sole agent of Nice Carnival in China

Imagetrans Group


Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse 21,60313 Frankfurt/Main
Tel: +49-69-928875690

China- Hongkong: 

Room 601,Tai Tung Building, No.8 Fleming Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2285-8590

China- Xiamen: 

Unit 602, No.63 Wanghai Road, Software Park II, Siming District, Xiamen
Fax:+86-592 2950726

Imagetrans, a introduction

Imagetrans is a global famous Sino-Europe M.I.C.E. (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) service provider as well as a senior event organizer and designer. The most famous feat for Imagetrans is that we designed and organized over 6500 members of the Chinese Tiens Group for a trip to Nice and created The Largest Human Sentence authorized by Guinness World Records in May 2015. It was sensational worldwide and was reported by over 1,000 global media.

Imagetrans is also a pioneer in Europe incoming travel for Chinese and overseas Chinese starting from 1992 in Frankfurt, Germany and was involved in many large events between China and Europe. Imagetrans has accommodated 3 Chinese Presidents (including President Xi) and 4 Chinese Foreign Ministers. Imagetrans imported World Choir Games into China for twice (Xiamen 2006, Shaoxing 2010) and organized the Choir Festival for Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

Imagetrans is also a professional in the area of tourism promotion and a tourism literature publisher. Since 1996, Imagetrans have organized 12 series of“European Favorites”tourism promotional events, each consists of roadshows in 5 Chinese cities, for more than 200 European travel agencies and industry professionals including Germany and Malta National Tourism Bureaus. Imagetrans also hosted many investment conferences, talent fairs, tourism promotions for many Chinese provinces and cities in the European Union. In 2002, Imagetrans and Union of European Cities have published 30“Favor Business Travel Series”, tailor made reference books for Chinese business travelers to Europe. Imagetrans also works closely with European media, filming European and Chinese society and scenery for promotion and cooperation between Europe and China.

Imagetrans has 4 main advantages:

  • • Enormous offline data and resources that includes over 15,000 worldwide hotels, more than 1,300 car rental companies, nearly 2,000 restaurants and about 2,000 professional tour guides and interpreters.
  • • 20 years of experience in the travel and exhibition industry that enables us to provide reasonable and professional custom-made travel and exhibition services packages, one-stop solutions and integrated online booking services.
  • • Provides an extensive product line that consists of accommodation, transportation, visa, insurance, tickets, booth reservation services, themed tours, custom travel, convention and conference tourism.
  • • Swift booking services that links with famous B2C, B2B networks and a 24-hour call center with advanced customer relationship management system. Orangeway also has branches in major Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai for localized and convenience services.

In July 2016, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang decided that 2018 will be the “EU-China Tourism Year” (ECTY).

With this initiative, the EU seeks to

increase the number of Chinese travellers to the EU, in particular off-season and off-track (i.e. lesser-known destinations)

provide opportunities for more EU investment in China where local tourism is booming

enhance cultural understanding

The 2018 Ningbo-Nice International Canrival, on the base of Nice Carnival, organizes the first pan-European Carnival in China with street artists from pan-European countries.

The Carnival will show the kind of historical and cultural event which is originally Catholic celebration limited to Europe, and practically unknown in China. This project, as its festive nature (parade, music, giant floats, European street artists and performers) will naturally appeal young Chinese tourists, who are curious about other culture and to take a break from normal life. The Carnival is also a real showdown of European cultural roots, as Carnivals in Europe find their origins in the Roman times, and have always been celebrated since.

- promoting European destinations through the demonstration of a cultural and festive mega event.

- getting media exposure in China for the European partners and destinations involved, including:

Country Region City
France Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Nice
Spain Comunidad Valenciana Valencia
Islas Canarias Santa Cruz de
Italy Tuscania Viareggio
Hungary Csongrád Szeged
The Netherlands North Holland Amersterdam
Slovakia Bratislavský Bratislava

- reinforce the links between China and Europe in order to generate more interest for new air routes projects to EU, and travel distribution.

Indeed, the Carnival will promote festivals and cultural events organized in Europe that could attract Chinese visitors in both summer holidays and low season periods such as February (which corresponds to the Chinese New Year holidays and the start of most European winter Carnivals).

Choir Games

Imagetrans started cooperation with Yangtz River Delta dating back to the 1990s. Yangtz River Delta is one of the first Chinese reigions to provide subsidy for Chinese enterprises to exhibit in European trade fairs and Imagetrans cooperated with Yangtz River Delta authorities to provide good services for the Chinese business travelers. Up till today, Imagetrans still plays an important role in Yangtz River Delta’s European affairs, being host to numerous officials, individual VIPs and important business delegations. The 10th series of “European Favorites”tourism promotional event was also held in Ningbo in Nov. 2002. Imagetrans imported World Choir Games to Shaoxing in 2010 and organized the Choir Festival for Shanghai World Expo at the same year.

The partners aim to promote pan-European festivals activities taking place in February and in summer in order to become a trend for young Chinese tourists aged 20-50, that are more and more traveling to Europe.

Imagetrans and Nice

Imagetrans and Nice

Imagetrans become associated with Nice in 2011, when Nice wants to hold celebrations regarding Chinese New Year (Dragon and Lion Dances). Imagetrans communicated with Xiamen to provide the equipment and costumes. In 2012, Imagetrans helped to bring about the first visit of Mr. Rudy Salles, Deputy Mayor of Nice to Xiamen, and the forming of the sister city relationship between Nice and Xiamen on May 22nd, 2014.

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Imagetrans Creating World Record in Nice

On May 8th 2015 (70th Victory Anniversary of World Anti-fascist War) , more than six thousand employees of Chinese group TIENS, enjoying a holiday in France at the company expense, rounded off their trip by arranging the largest human sentence - “TIENS’ DREAM IS NICE IN THE COTE D’ AZUR” successfully. This feat is exposed through the worldwide by more than 100 mainstream media reports and a large number of transmissions.

Imagetrans as the event planner, specially prepared a series of large-scale sea/land/air tour commemorative activities for TIENS. With three tanks, more than 70 World War II Vintage vehicles, 40 ships and three aircrafts, it brought a commemoration of the "peace carnival" celebration for the world and a perfect ending of the 20th anniversary of the Nice Carnival for TIENS. Imagetrans created, planned and successfully implemented the activities in Nice, which will become a classic case of promoting enterprise image by event marketing.

With all these, Mr. Kan He, Chairman of Imagetrans becomes the global tourism ambassador for both of the sister cities, Xiamen and Nice.

Importing Carnaval de Nice

Importing Carnaval de Nice

The importing of Carnaval de Nice started 5 years ago, during the first visit of Mr. Rudy SALLES, Vice Mayor of Nice, to Xiamen. Xiamen and Nice are lucky to share a special link that gather two beautiful cities known for their quality of life, fame and events. In a certain sense, Xiamen can be described as the Chinese Nice, and bringing the famous French Carnival to Xiamen becomes a logical choice. The importing of the carnival, much like the World Choir Games imported to China before by Imagetrans, represents all-round interactions of world culture, forming a solid link between the Western and Eastern World. This proposal is definitely a new window for French and Chinese culture and Xiamen confirms to import Nice Carnival on Feb. 10th, 2017. In less than 80 days, Imagetrans successfully imported Nice Carnival to Xiamen, China at May 11th-14th 2017. It was a first step to bring the original European carnival to China and won many compliments from both Chinese and French people. With this as a solid start, Imagetrans started marketing Nice Carnival to 11 other Chinese cities and on Dec. 27th 2017, Ningbo confirms to import the 2018 Nice Carnival.