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Presentation and promotion meeting of the 2018 Ningbo-Nice International Carnival in Jiaxing and Shaoxing


What is the goal of the Ningbo-Nice 2018 International Carnival? To make more people experience a real French feast! 

So Ningbo organized the presentation and promotion meetings of the Carnival not only in Beijing and Shanghai, but also in Wenzhou, Lishui and other cities of Zhejiang Province. This trip is not over yet. What is the next destination? Jiaxing!

What do you think about it when we talk about Jiaxing? The cruise ship on the South Lake, or the Zongzi, "glutinous rice cakes wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves"? There are many stories and many gastronomic specialties. The people of Jiaxing are optimistic, they are eager to see it as soon as they know the Carnival is coming.

The meeting with the detailed presentation of the Organizing Committee allows Jiaxing institutions to have a more complete vision of the Ningbo-Nice International Carnival 2018, it also gives more confidence to the Jiaxing market, which was already in the running.


Since this is an authentic carnival of Nice origin that will take place near Jiaxing and they decided to cooperate and participate in this event.


 The enthusiasm of the inhabitants of Jiaxing for the carnival was represented on the spot, they interacted well with the animators asking for information on Nice and the tickets etc, the adults as the children are very curious of this French carnival French and want to buy tickets to join quickly.

 The Organizing Committee thanked them with a detailed presentation of the atmosphere of Nice carnival and small gifts.

After leaving Jiaxing, we headed to another city "Shaoxing", close to Ningbo, it only took 40 minutes to get there. The yellow wine of Shaoxing is known around the world, it is a city where everyone is really friendly and we like wine.

The guests of the presentation and promotion meeting in Shaoxing are also enthusiastic, they have listened attentively while reading the relevant documents, they have “tasted” the reading and the Nice Carnival as wine tasting.


The explanations of the Organizing Committee are of course meticulous: every detail is presented so that guests can have a good aftertaste, at the same time, the nice picture in their heart is gradually clear.


The tourism representatives present also praised the Ningbo-Nice International Carnival and expressed their desire not to miss this great banquet, to participate in it, to feel the different feelings of the flower beds and the mechanical machines.

The same carnival in different cities. The 2018 Ningbo-Nice International Carnival brings this feast to more cities and more and more people come to Ningbo to enjoy the French enthusiasm that crosses the ocean. When people share happiness, they multiple the happiness. The Ningbo-Nice International Carnival 2018 is the envoy of this happiness. Let's have a banquet together in Jiaxing, Shaoxing and also in Ningbo!